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You hear of people who "think out of the box", Cliff will tell you that "there is no box"! You will hear him say, "there are no absolutes" and "anything is possible" on a daily basis.

Cliff is the founder and President of UAVExperts.aero and Atlantahobby.com. He started the company as Whitneys Glider supply in 1978. Now , his companies are the nations fastest growing shops of this nature specializing in remotly piloted vehicles, model airplanes and aviation products.

Cliff was the digital evangelist at Wolf Camera and has been called a visionary by Mr. Wolf the Chairman and CEO of Wolf Camera Inc. A 24-year veteran of Wolf Camera, serving in a number of sales, management and senior management positions as the company grew to over 800 stores. Cliff has served as WolfCamera.coms President, Chief Operating and Chief Information Officer as well as Sr. VP of Internet commerce and new technology development for the parent company Wolf Camera Inc.

Cliff saw the merging of photography, publishing and the Internet in early 1990. He is self taught, with expertise in most all aspects of businesses management including computer programming, large-scale computer networks, interface design, marketing and advertising as well as sales and management skills.

Cliff has served on the board of directors for the Digital Imaging Marketing Association as its president elect. He acts as a technology resource for many of the photo industries top companies and is regarded as one of the photo industry's most highly respected experts on the Internet and photo related products and services.

Cliff's focus has been to explore new technologies, then design ways for consumers to use and benefit from the ideas. Some of his concepts and team projects include the FotoWorks line of gift products, the Wolf PhotoNet™, "Kodak PhotoNet" and "You've Got Pictures" by America Online. Cliff has many other products credited to his direction including P.A.W.S (Print at Wolf Services) software allowing consumers to transmit digital data for prints and gifts.

Currently Cliffs Aviation based businesses are bringing together his photography expertise and his talents as a pilot and marketing expert to change the world using the new crop of exciting remotly piloted aircraft or drones. These new aircraft have many uses including Emergency, Agriculture, Science and mapping.

When asked, how do you measure success? he answers,
"Aside from family, the easy answer is in the sales and profits that go to the bottom line and enable us to grow our business. The biggest success, however, is the chance I have to work with and grow talented groups of associates that will in-turn grow themselves and change the world.

The Hobby industry as well as Photography and the now rapidly growing UAV/Drone industry are such emotional spaces; they touch lives and change the world at all stages. I feel very rewarded to know that we are and have been building products and enabling technology that can actually move society forward in a positive way. From the photography side our products have a major impact on a family's abilities to review and relive family history. Wouldn't it be cool if your parents parents pictures were available to you? Photography was so fragile in its early stages and most of it has now faded away. Our products enable users to preserve photography for future generations; my kids and their kids will be able to enjoy the photos of our lives due to the products we are building today.

The Aviation side is moving the world forward and will have so much impact on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I am excited to be a part of this new frontier."

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